AdWords Mistake: Ignoring Quality Score (Video)

Video Transcript:

When you’re optimizing your AdWords campaign it’s really easy to neglect a very important piece of data. That data is the quality score.

The reason this is so easy to neglect it’s not even something Google shows you by default. You have to adjust how your dashboard is displayed to even see the quality score.

Quality score is important because it determines your bid price and and your ad position. For example, if your keyword has a quality score of 5 and your competitor as a quality score of 6 for the same keyword and you both bid the same amount, guess whose ad is going to be shown higher? The competitor’s ad because it has a higher quality score.

This is a very complicated metric and I can’t get into all of it here. In general you want to get quality scores as high as you can. The higher the quality score, the more your ad will be shown, and the less you will have to pay relative to your competitors.

So when you go to the Keywords tab in your account you can go to “Columns” and add the column for quality score. That way you will see how you stack up.

This isn’t an exact measurement. There are a lot of variables that go into quality score. There’s actually a calculation done every single time someone does a search in order to see how your quality score fares. But it is a pretty good guide and you can look and see which keywords have high quality scores, which ones of low quality scores. And then you can look at what you can do to fix them. Sometimes you can make changes to your landing page that will increase your quality score. You can make improvements to your ad. You can do things that will improve your click through rate. All of these will have a positive impact on quality score.

Quality score is effectively: relevance. How relevant is your ad or your website to the thing that was being searched for. Google wants to deliver relevance to its users – that’s why it has so many users. So if you have low quality scores and low relevance a lot of the time they won’t even give you the option to show your ad, and if they do you’ll be paying a lot more than you need to for it.

So look at your quality scores, see which ones are low that have opportunities to improve. It will save you money and it will get your ads shown more frequently.

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