AdWords Mistake: Ignoring Differences In Desktop Vs. Mobile Device Performance (Video)

Video Transcript:

A big mistake you can make with your AdWords campaign is not knowing how well your ads are performing on desktop versus mobile.

This is a really easy metric to find. You can go to your camping settings and go to “Devices” and you can see impressions, clicks, and conversions for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Unfortunately desktop and tablets are currently grouped together even though there is often a huge difference in performance between desktop and tablet, but for the most part you’re going to be able separate desktop versus mobile.

Sometimes the performance will be about the same, but a lot of the time you’ll see better performance on one or the other. You will probably also see different ad positions on one or the other. So it’s important to at least know what’s going on with this data, if you do see that it’s different then you can figure out what to do with it. Maybe you need to reduce your bid on mobile if mobile isn’t performing as well, or vice versa.

Ignoring the data for how well your campaigns are performing on each device is a huge mistake. You need to pay attention to this and adjust your campaign accordingly.

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