AdWords Mistake: Favoring Your Own Preferences Rather Than Trusting The Data (Video)

Video Transcript:

When you’re managing and optimizing your AdWords campaign is really easy to fall into the trap of basically playing favoritism with whatever you think should work instead of actually looking at the data and seeing what does work.

It’s a really easy trap to fall into because most of us think we’re geniuses and we really like our own stuff.

However, the numbers don’t lie. Do the numbers, and the numbers will tell you what to do. Look at the data.

If an ad that you think sucks is outperforming an ad that you wrote that you’re in love with – I’m sorry, but you need to get rid of the ad you are in love with. Trust the data and keep the ad you think sucks, because apparently your customers don’t think it sucks.

This is true across the board in your campaign. Don’t ever just go with your feeling or what you think the numbers should be. You have the data to look at. Use the data – that’s what it’s there for.

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