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I’m probably getting this quote wrong, and I can’t remember where I heard it. If you know the actual source of what I’m about to say, PLEASE let me know. The details aren’t as important as the concept, but I always like to have my facts straight.

Anyway, I think the quote is attributed to the great copywriter Gary Halbert. (Again, if I’m wrong, please tell me.)

He was talking about the importance of using the right list in your marketing. How the right list is more important than anything else. It doesn’t matter how good your copy is, how good your product is, or how good your offer is. If you mail the offer to a list of the wrong people, you won’t make a single sale.

He said something like: If you’re selling women’s underwear, and you mail an offer to a list of biker guys (some rough and rowdy Sons of Anarchy-type guys)…you won’t make a single sale. There’s nothing that can overcome a bad list.

In AdWords, your list is essentially the keywords you are targeting.

(Of course, you need to target the right locations and the right gender and age groups if appropriate. But these are all very obvious.)

When it comes to your keywords, you need to make sure you are targeting the right types of people. People who are likely to become your customers, based on the specific words and phrases they are searching for.

Traffic from irrelevant and low-quality search terms is the biggest waste of money I see when reviewing people’s AdWords campaigns.

Target the wrong keywords, and it won’t matter how good your product or your offer is. You won’t sell a thing.

Target the right keywords, and you can have a mediocre product with a bad offer and you’ll still make sales.

Keywords are THAT important.

The first section of my Essential AdWords Crash Course goes deeper into this topic.

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