“AdWords For Local Businesses” Questions

Yesterday I said there have been zero refund requests for my AdWords For Local Businesses course.

That’s not 100% true…so let me come clean and explain…there has been one person who requested a refund. But I’m not going to count it, and here’s why:

This person reached out to me shortly after ordering and said “I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything so far….I’m hoping that, since I’m reaching out to you less than 24 hours after having purchased, that you’ll issue me a refund. I’m sure your course is a good fit for others but it doesn’t seem to be for me. Thanks in advance for understanding.”

After a brief conversation about his goals, I realized he might be better off starting deeper in the course with some of the more advanced training. Then, after skipping ahead, he could come back to the beginning to review fundamentals and see how it all fits together.

With this new perspective, he gave the material another shot.

By the next day, he told me he didn’t want a refund anymore. In fact, he asked if he could cancel his payment plan and pay for the course in full.

Talk about a complete 180 – just because of what he learned from the training in less than a day.

Recently, he said “I’ve gone from a skeptic of your local course to your biggest evangelist! I’ve been touting you in groups everywhere.”


Are you a skeptic?

Do you have a question about the course?

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