AdWords Demographics for Search Ads: Strategies

Ever since Google announced their demographics for search ad targeting yesterday, I can’t stop thinking of awesome ways businesses will be able to utilize this feature.

The feature will allow bid adjustments (presumably down to -100%) based on age and gender. Here are some hypothetical examples of how different companies can benefit from this:

  • A jewelry company, that sells women’s jewelry, can have two different ad message for the same keyword. The message in the campaign targeting men could be strongly focused on buying the jewelry as a gift.
  • Any business offering senior discounts can run a separate campaign targeting seniors, and include information in the ad about the discount.
  • Upscale home remodeling companies can significantly decrease or eliminate bids for younger demographics who are less likely to be in a position to afford their premium service.
  • A bar or restaurant that caters to a younger crowd can exclude older demographics from seeing their ads.
  • If a clothing company has a core customer base of thirty-somethings, they can exclude younger and older people from seeing their ads.
  • A company selling a product with different versions for men and women (razors, deodorant, shampoo, watches, etc.) can set up different campaigns for each gender.

These are just a few that have come to mind. In some cases, changing the bidding for certain demographics will be a no-brainer. In other cases, it will be necessary to test.

For most accounts, you’ll simply want to watch the data ad be ready to make adjustments. You may not want to exclude a demographic group entirely, but it will make sense to adjust the bids or set up separate campaigns for certain groups depending on how well they are performing.

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