AdWords Competitor Keywords

I searched “ghost bed” on Google recently while I was shopping around for a mattress. During my research, I learned that a lot of mattress companies have some very smart folks behind their marketing. GhostBed, Purple Mattress, Tuft & Needle, Casper, Leesa…all have some great marketing behind their products (probably why they’re dominating the online mattress company space).

Anyway…when I searched “ghost bed” an ad came up for Tuft & Needle that makes a great example of how to target competitor brand names with your ads:

The headline reads like something from the cover of Cosmo magazine – something that will stop you in your tracks and make you want to know more. (Cosmo is a great source of headline inspiration, BTW.)

They are using several symbols and special characters in the ad: quotation marks, question mark, numbers, percent symbol, copyright symbol, plus sign, etc. These all help draw attention to the ad and get people to click on it.

Most importantly, they’ve included “Ghostbed” right in the ad URL. They are calling out their competitor directly – the competitor I was just searching for.

Then, when you click on the ad, there is a landing page that compares Tuft & Needle with all their competitors. This is perhaps the most important part of Tuft & Needle’s strategy. They’re not just sending you to a generic page about their product. They’re sending you to a page that continues to call out their competitors and show why their own product is superior.

This is the only way to target competitor keywords that I’ve ever seen work. You need to call out your competitor directly, and have a landing page that compares you to the competitor…obviously showing why you are the better choice.

Most local businesses don’t have a competitor that would be worth targeting in this way. Compiling a list of all your competitors and adding them as keywords in your campaign is NOT a good strategy. Most of the time, when someone searches for your competitor and call you instead, they THINK they are calling your competitor! It’s nothing but a wrong number call that the person answering the phone needs to deal with (and a huge waste of your AdWords budget).

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P.S. – I didn’t end up buying my mattress from any of the companies I mentioned above. It was actual a company from South Dakota – Juna Sleep Systems – that won my business. Their marketing could use some help, but their customer support is fantastic and the mattress is incredible. I’ve never slept better in my life.

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