AdWords Certifiworthless Exam

Yesterday, I made fun of one of the AdWords certification exam answers. Let me riff on this for a minute.

The AdWords certification exam has nothing to do with someone’s ability to produce great results in AdWords.


There is no correlation.

The only reason I’ve ever taken the darn test is because Google used to give out prizes to the top agencies, and you had to have a certain number of people certified in order to be eligible. But they haven’t done prizes for a while, so I’m not sure I’ll even take the thing again.

I’ve never had a single client ask me if I’m AdWords certified. Nobody who has purchased one of my courses has ever asked me if I’m AdWords certified. Nobody cares.

In fact, if the first thing someone says about their AdWords expertise is that they are certified, you should run the other way. That person isn’t going to be able to help you. The certification doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is…well…someone’s ability to produce great results.

Want to see me in action as I produce great results for a client?

Come look over my shoulder and watch how I do it:

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