AdWords Campaign Review Video

Here’s the deal…

I want to help you this year, one way or another. You have goals, I have goals (we all scream for goals, goals).

Do you want some free help?

No strings attached…I’ll make a quick 5-10 minute video pointing out one or two things I see inside your AdWords campaign that can be improved. I’ll send this video to you, and you only. It will be our little secret.

Sure, I may offer to do a longer video if you’re willing to let me make it public.

Sure, I may offer to do some more work on your account, if you have the type of campaign I want to work on this year.

Or I may just send you your video, dust my shoulder off, and say “you’re welcome.”

It all depends on what I see when I look at your account.

I’m a salesman, so don’t shame me if I try to sell.

But when I make this quick video for you, it will be 100% value. It won’t be a hidden sales pitch that teaches you nothing. You’ll get some actionable advice from me that you can implement to improve your AdWords campaign right away.

To take me up on this, just send an email to [email protected] with your AdWords Customer ID and I’ll request access to your account.

I’ll get to your video as quickly as I can, but it’s not going to be immediately. I have all my normal clients and students to keep up with, so it will probably take me a little time…but I promise I’ll get to you.

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