AdWords Automation

So, Walmart just preordered 15 Tesla semis. Did you know Tesla made semi trucks? I sure didn’t

I guess Elon announced it a couple days ago, and Walmart wanted to be one of the first to test the new technology. So now it’s in the news, and of course people on In-Yo-Face-Book are complaining about how self-driving semis are going to put millions of people out of work (so we should stop advancing technology, or something?).

But this first batch of Tesla semis will still require a driver. The main thing is that they are electric and they will go 500 miles on a charge, costing less to operate than a diesel-powered truck.

Fascinating stuff.

And, of course, we will get to the point where all semis are self-driving, just like all the other cars on the road. Don’t worry, people will find other work – this won’t be the first time an entire profession becomes obsolete because of better technology. We’ve seen it coming for a while, and full implementation is still years away, so anyone who will be directly affected still has plenty of time to prepare.

Self-driving vehicles are simply safer, more efficient, and more reliable than human drivers.

Google has numerous automated options available inside AdWords too. If you want to, you can hit a button and Google’s algorithms will run your campaign for you. But this is one area where humans are still superior (if they know what they’re doing).

I don’t know if the automations are designed to fail, or if it is just so difficult to tap into human behavior and persuasion that even Google can’t crack the code. Most of the automated options in AdWords are just ways to get people spending more money, regardless of the ROI.

So I can tell you to turn off all of the automated options in your AdWords account, but even that won’t be good enough. You need to know how to use the manual options. You need to know how to use AdWords, inside and out.

“AdWords For Local Businesses” was created in order to teach AdWords inside and out. It goes inside real, live campaigns to show step-by-step processes. When necessary, it takes an outside look and uses slides and diagrams to explain certain concepts.

You can learn more and enroll today – click here.

P.S. – I had to rent a car for part of my honeymoon last week, so I rented a Tesla. They rental company didn’t have the auto-pilot features turned on (some kind of liability thing, oddly enough). Still, I could tell I was driving the car of the future. I know, they’ve been around for years…but there aren’t any in my little North Dakota town yet, and this was the first time I even saw one in person. I’m looking forward to the day when human drivers are off the road completely.

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