500% ROI (AdWords For Insurance!)

Mirja sells insurance in Germany. She’s been in business for 15 years and has a thriving business. (Congrats Mirja! I was in college 15 years ago so I was basically just killing a lot of brain cells at that time.)

Always trying to improve, Mirja signed up for my local business course a few months ago. Recently, she had this to share:

“On Oct. 31st I started the campaign, with your recommended ClickFunnels Landingpage as a split test. Now after three months I am overwhelmed to announce a 500 % return on the ads. Unbelievable! I spend 100€ per day and am so happy to start into our 15th year of business with such a tailwind! You are my hero!”

Now the song “I need a hero” by Bonnie Tyler is playing in my head. And yes, I had to Google that to figure out who sang it. Is it stuck in your head now too?

Anyway, what’s important to note about what Mirja said is she’s spending 100€ per day and getting a 500% return. That means she’s spending 3,000€ per month and getting 15,000€ back…every month!

If you could do that in your business, would it give you a nice tailwind? If you could produce results like that for clients, would it help you get and keep more clients?

When you sign up for AdWords For Local Businesses you’ll get immediate access to the entire training program.

You’ll also get access to me, Mirja, and the rest of the rockstars who are hanging out in the private Business Builder Mastermind group.

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