4 Ideas For Your AdWords Ads

If you ever get writer’s block when coming up with AdWords ads, or if you just want some more ideas so you can keep testing fresh ads, here are a few ideas that can hep you. Just answer these questions, and work the answers in your ads:

1) What problem are you solving, in a few words? (worn-out roof, dental anxiety, etc.)

2) Thing your customer avoids (“without any…”) (Hassle, Mess, Stress, Worry)

3) Features/Benefits (Easy Financing, 20 Year Warranty, Locker Rooms & Showers, Accepting Most Insurance, $0 down)

4) How do you compare to your competitors? (better prices, stronger guarantee, better quality, friendlier staff)

These are some of the questions you’ll find in the Ad Copy Generator software that’s included in the AdWords For Local Businesses course. The software helps make sure you never run out of ideas for your ads. You just answer a series of questions, and then the software will generate a huge list of ideas for headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions.

If you’re writing ads for clients, you can send them all the questions so they can contribute their ideas too.

To see this software in action, just scroll down to the BONUSES section of this page and find the video.

Click here to see it now.

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