2,604 Negative Keywords

Are you tired of hearing about the eclipse yet?

If you don’t live in the United States (or if you do, but you live somewhere under a rock) let me fill you in.

There’s a damn solar eclipse happening today…

There will be traffic jams, birds will stop chirping, everyone will be wearing dorky viewing glasses, people are gonna get weird, yadda yadda.

Yes, the moon will block out the sun for a bit (imagine what our ancient ancestors thought when something gnarly like this happened).

Those dorky glasses…we gotta wear them so the sun doesn’t obliterate our eyeballs, causing permanent damage.

Themz just the facts.

Here’s another fact…

When people turn to the all-knowing Google to find answers to their questions, they type in some things that are simply cray-cray. If you’ve been using AdWords for very long, you’ve seen some of these things on your search term report. Google doesn’t do the best job of blocking these searches for us. It’s like they left their sun-viewing glasses at home.

Luckily, Google (in their infinite wisdom) gave us the ability to block out unwanted search terms on our own. A good negative keyword list will help protect you from the harmful rays of Google’s crazy search results.

If you don’t have a good list – or if you do and you just want to stay out in front of the masses – you can get my list. I’ve compiled this over the years and it contains 2,604 negative keywords.

With a list this large, you don’t want to just add them to your campaign all willy-nilly. There are sure to be some words on the list that would actually bring good traffic for your specific business.

But here’s the thing…

You can wait until you see these words on the search term report in your campaign (after you’ve spent money on them) and add them to your negative keyword list then. One at a time.


You can get my list. You can see the negative keywords I’ve added across hundreds of campaigns, spending millions of dollars in the process. You can press the fast forward button and benefit from all my hard work.

This list is the dorkiest pair of sun-blocking glasses money can buy.

You can get it here:


All the best,

P.S. – The link above will take you to a page intended for people who just requested a list of the top 150 negative keywords people have added using my Negative Keyword Pro software. If you don’t already have the top 150 list, just enter your name and email below and I’ll send it to you. It’s not my personal list, but it will get you started and will give you an inside look at the negative keywords other people are adding to their campaigns. Ya dig?

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