Google Search Partners & How They Affect Your AdWords Campaigns

There’s a little checkbox in your AdWords campaign settings that has the potential to make or break your campaigns. Right next to where you select the Google Search Network for your network selection, there is an option for “Include search partners” that is selected by default. Take a second to think about this option and […]

Finding AdWords Negative Keywords: 6 Instructional Videos

Video #1: Google Predictive Search Method Video #2: Related Search Method Video #3: Keyword Planner Method (Advanced) Keyword Planner Microsoft Excel (affiliate link) Video #4: Search Term Report Method Video #5: Search Term Conversion Method Video #6: AdWords Negative Keyword Research: Search Term Word Frequency Method (Advanced) Word Frequency Counter Microsoft Excel (affiliate link)

AdWords Strategies For eCommerce Websites

Here is my list of the top five things eCommerce advertisers should be aware of when using AdWords. When executed properly, these strategies will produce significant differences in the performance of your AdWords campaigns. Search Partners Network In the campaign settings, you should be aware of a little box that says “Include search partners” (next […]