Cutting In Front Of Kids At The Amusement Park

A couple weeks ago I went to Valleyfair with my wife and kids. Valleyfair is a big amusement park near Minneapolis – kind of like a Six Flags or something. It has giant roller coasters like “Wild Thing” “Renegade” “High Roller” and “Corkscrew.” Valleyfair also has these things called Fast Lane passes. For an extra […]

AdWords For Local Businesses Review

A few hours ago, Neil (one of my AdWords For Local Businesses students) posted some very kind words about my course. Like, OMG, thanks Neil! This kind of thing is very good for my ego, indeed. Hopefully it also helps answer any questions you have about the quality of the training… Well gosh golly gee, […]

2,604 Negative Keywords

Are you tired of hearing about the eclipse yet? If you don’t live in the United States (or if you do, but you live somewhere under a rock) let me fill you in. There’s a damn solar eclipse happening today… There will be traffic jams, birds will stop chirping, everyone will be wearing dorky viewing […]

AdWords Negative Keyword Match Types

Google is masterful at getting advertisers to part with their money. They’re better at milking people dry than Disney World and Vegas combined. Luckily, if you know how the game is rigged, you can stack the odds in your favor and win. (Stick with me, my good friend, and I’ll make sure you know the […]

AdWords Keyword Match Types

Google offers up some different keyword-matching options to help us commonfolk target exactly the types of searches/customers we want. …or DO they? Yes, they give us the options – exact match, phrase match, and broad match. But over the years (especially in the last year) the function of these options has eroded, and we’ve been […]

AdWords Software: Ad Copy Generator

Can a computer write a better AdWords ad than you? Some futurists think we’re entering an age where the best copywriters in the world will be replaced by artificial intelligence. I’m highly skeptical of this claim. I think quality persuasive writing requires a depth of human experience and an understanding of the human psyche that […]

The Unbelievable Complexity of the Human Mind

It’s incredible, how the human mind works and all. Even when people are thinking about the same friggin thing, they’re all thinking about it in different ways. To illustrate this, let’s turn to my ole pal, Google. When people are thinking about something as simple as hiring a roofing company, their different brains will spew […]