AdWords Keyword Match Types

Google offers up some different keyword-matching options to help us commonfolk target exactly the types of searches/customers we want.

…or DO they?

Yes, they give us the options – exact match, phrase match, and broad match. But over the years (especially in the last year) the function of these options has eroded, and we’ve been left with some very wacky results.

For example, I’ve seen the exact match keyword [cash buyers for homes] attract traffic from the search term buy homes for cash.

I’ve seen the exact match keyword [cash for homes] attract traffic from the search term homes for cash.

These are exact match keywords…

Not phrase match…

Not broad match…

EXACT match.

The search terms Google is matching to them are COMPLETELY different. Sometimes opposites.

Google is playing matchmaker with your money, and they’ve lowered their standards.

Big time.

Check out more examples of ridiculous keyword-matching in this video I just posted (and learn how to fight back).

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